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The City Of Phoenix And Its Wonderful Attractions

city of phoenix az at night

Instead of Hawaii or the Caribbean, consider Phoenix vacations for this holiday season. Phoenix vacations are comparatively more affordable, just as relaxing, and therefore a great alternative to the crowded, outrageously priced tropics. And you’ll find something for everyone in the family when you head to the Phoenix area.

The History Of Phoenix, AZ

In 1867, Jack Swilling of Wickenburg was the first to realize the advantages of the site at the foot of the White Tank Mountains. He built a canal from the Salt River to feed a colony of farmers. The area that would become the east side of Phoenix was named in his honor Swilling’s Mill. Darrell Duppa suggested the name “Phoenix”, in conjunction with the revival of irrigated agriculture in this region. The city was officially recognized by the Board of Yavapai County, on 4 May 1868. It was then a small village of farmers and miners. The post office opened June 15 in the same year, under the direction of Jack Swilling.

Why You Should Come And See Phoenix

arizona state fairThere are few cities whose life can be covered in one word and that is “indoor” associated with activities like dining, theaters, museums etc but in the city of Phoenix the appropriate word would be “outdoor” as it has lush green golf courses, various outdoor activities like horse riding, hiking, and many more. All these things can be enjoyed with the beauty of beautiful City of phoenix.

Phoenix Arizona is the perfect place for just about any event or activity. The Phoenix area including Scottsdale, is a great destination wedding place. The dry weather and abundant sunshine make the chances high of having a rain free wedding day. Many resorts like the Phoenician in Phoenix, the Royal Palms, and The Point are perfect for accommodating a wedding. They are first class resorts and have everything from gorgeous palms to crystal clear pools. Catering from various restaurants in these resorts are some of the best in all of Arizona. Check out some Phoenix wedding videos that may feature some of these resorts to get an idea of how accommodating these resorts are for weddings.

Featured Attractions Near Phoenix Arizona

There are many activities that one can perform in this beautiful and enchanting city of Phoenix. You can find Resorts, spas, relaxation, and golf courses and list does not end here, there are many other things which one can do for time pass. The resorts and hotels that one finds in Phoenix are world class.There are large and world famous shopping sports.

If you’re bringing kids along for the trip to Phoenix, it would only make sense to make a trip to the Phoenix Zoo. Although there isn’t anything particularly extraordinary about the Phoenix zoo, the kids loved it and parents felt comfortable with the cleanliness of the place and the well-organized structure of the zoo.

Accommodations For Staying In Phoenix, Arizona

phoenix downtown areaHotels in the Phoenix area are in good supply and hotel rates are often cheapest during the summer months of July and August. Winter is a particularly pleasant time to visit the city and accommodation becomes fully booked at the time of the year.

Gold Canyon Golf Resort, located in Apache Junction, is as one of the best golf courses in Arizona. The good news is, it is a public course. If you enjoy golf, you will be challenged while you enjoy the spectacular scenery. The Dinosaur Course is considered the more challenging and the better of the two courses. This means it’s also tougher to get a tee time there than on the other course, Sidewinder.

Its hard to find time to be bored in Phoenix. With such an impressive array of interesting cultural attractions, sport and recreational activities, and shopping and entertainment to take in, your time will always be at a premium. Also take into account that the natural landscape of the Phoenix area has created a stunning backdrop for this city that is worth exploring. The scenic Sonoran Desert is full of places to hike and climb, just be sure to take enough water! If you are in the mood to take in some history, there are a few Old West attractions, and a great selection of Native American cultural attractions that teach residents and visitors about the diverse and long standing Native culture. The Old West attractions include spots like Old Tucson Studios where many of Hollywood’s most famous westerns were shot. from classics like John Wayne’s Rio Bravo to current favorites such as Tombstone. This area is simply alive with culture and intrigue.