An Extensive Guide to Injury Claim Lawyers

phoenix car accident lawyer

Who are car accident lawyers?

Car accident lawyers are personal injury lawyers who provide legal help to those who claims to have been injured due to a car accident. He helps to negotiates and makes a settlement for compensation.

What are the types of car accident compensation?

The type of car accident compensation claims depends upon the type of accidents. In broad terms there are two types. But we may categorize it into several other types under them.

1. Compensatory damages:

The auto-accident victims receive the compensatory damages. It can be of two types, economic or non-economic. The purpose of this type of compensation is to put you back to the place you had before the accident i.e. it “makes you whole” again. The monetary expenses that are compensated are the economic compensation. Whereas the non- economic compensation is the claims due to pain, trauma or sufferings the victim goes through.

a) Economic compensation:

  • Property loss:
    Any car accident causes property damage. The claim for such damage is the property loss compensation.
  • Medical treatment expenses:
    The victim’s injury maybe minor like cuts and bruises or he/she maybe seriously injured causing something life threatening. In either of the cases the victim needs medical help which incurs medical expenses. The amount of the medical expenses depends on the type of treatment he/ she needs. Such expenses are included in the compensatory damages. If the car accident causes life loss of the victim then the family can claim for the damage with the help of the car accident lawyers like Rodney Okano. Get more details by clicking here.
  • Loss of earning ability:
    If the victim losses the earning ability due to the accident then he or she has the right to claim for this huge loss. This type of compensation is not easy to get since to other party tries to avoid paying such a large sum of money.

b) Non- economic compensation:

  • Pain and trauma:
    Any accident is obvious to cause mental or physical sufferings. It can be so fatal that it may be a permanent one. Even if it is for a short term it may affect you in various painful ways. So the pain and sufferings can be incorporated in the compensatory damages.
  • “Loss of consortium”:
    This type of damages comes up when the relation between the victim and his spouse gets affected. This could be the loss of sexual ability or to maintain the relation. In such a case both the victim and the spouse can claim for the damages.

2. Punitive damages:

The type of compensation claimed by the victims when the accident was caused due to the irresponsible driving of the other driver or due to some fault in the car. The punitive compensation can be additionally claimed with the compensatory damages. The intention of this type of claims is to punish the guilty party.

What is the need to hire a car accident lawyer?

  • Experience does count:
    If you hire an experienced car accident lawyer he/ she will be able to relate the required laws that will help you. He/ she will be able to prove your claims more strongly to win the settlement. Since a car accident lawyer knows all the laws about car accidents he/ she will be able to negotiate and get your compensation.
  • You may need to go to the court:
    A situation may arise that the opponent party refuses to clear your claims. A car accident lawyer will help you to seek help from the court.
  • Insurances companies may deny to pay you compensation:
    The insurance companies often make it difficult for you to get your compensation. They don’t get ready easily to pay your claims. They try to pay as small sum as possible. It adds on to your sufferings after the accident. To avoid all these you can always seek help from a car accident lawyer.

How does a car accident lawyer charge fees?

The fess of the lawyer varies from state to state and sometimes on the seriousness of the case. The contingency rate varies. It also depends on the sum you recover. If the opponent party clears your claim before going to court the fees are relatively low.

Seeking car accident lawyers in Phoenix will reduce a lot of headache. It will make your work easy as you can rely upon the experts. They will work on your behalf to get you compensation. But as the saying goes prevention is better than cure. So drive safely and avoid accidents.

Some research for this article was provided by the Law Offices of Rodney K. Okano.